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Oleh : Ahmad Ali Nurdin, MA Dekan FISIP UIN SGD Bandung Kampanye adalah salah satu instrument penting dalam pemilihan seorang pemimpin publik. Dalam masyarakat yang demokratis, hal tersebut adalah sesuatu yang wajar. Adalah hak setiap calon pemimpin, terutama pimpinan politik atau jabatan publik, untuk berkampanye dan menyatakan dirinya sebagai orang yang paling pas untuk dipilih...
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Abstract The implementation of regional autonomy and decentralization has implications for the broadening of regional authorities to regulate and manage regional revenues. The purpose of this study was to determine the performance of regional revenue in the Garut Regency’s statement of budget realization since 2013-2017 fiscal years.The theory that I use in this study is...
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Abstract This present research aims to analyze how the performance management of the Ministry of State Secretary in managing the service of public information. The approach employed in this research is qualitative with descriptive research. To obtain data, the technique used is a literature review through books, journals, articles, and other research. LINDU-DIS is a...
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Abstract This study has purpose to determine how the effect Regional Original Income to Direct Expenditures in West Bandung Regency for the period 2008-2017. This study uses the theory from Siregar (2015: 31) with method uses an associative type with a quantitative approach. This reseach useing secondary data with data collection techniques are literature studies...
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Abstract Performance management issues in the local water companies, which is called PDAM, in Indonesia are often encountered such as slow service in serving public needs and complaints. In 2013, the performance of PDAMS was categorized as unhealthy with a total performance value of 2.50 (ranging from 2.2 to 2.8). This research aims to analyze...
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